Vigil: Action protesting against Manus Island Detention

1 March 2014 | General Interest


A small Vigil at Homebush was organised by the Dominican Sisters and friends.

Conversation was had with passers-by - originally from Europe, Cambodia, Korea, India and China, about 15 people altogether. All supported the Vigil protest and asked what could they do to change what they saw as an unjust situation.


One person did not realise that there are no queues from countries like Afghanistan and Pakistan, and for Tamils from Sri Lanka. A Uniting Church minister and his wife who live in Homebush were very supportive. He is a Korean pastor, now in a parish at Lakemba. He and his wife want to meet with us again.

We send our thoughts and prayers to all in detention, especially those on Manus, Nauru and Christmas Islands. We remember Reza Berati. May his death and the suffering of the injured and traumatised not be in vain. We pray there will be a change in our Government's policy and practice.