Dominican Celebration of 90 years in Camberwell

20 March 2014 | General Interest


Sunday 16th March 2014, marked the 90th Anniversary of the first Mass celebrated by Dominican Friars in St Dominic’s Parish East Camberwell. The Sisters were to join the work of the Friars in 1926.

Imelda Purcell, a long time parishioner and exstudent felt strongly that this occasion was worthy of celebration. Some argued that this would be better left until the Centenary. However, with persistence, ideas and permission, Imelda gathered a committee to join her in the planning and execution of a celebration to acknowledge and give thanks for 90 years of Dominican presence and service by both Friars and Sisters.

Hence, the Sisters and Friars were invited to a Dinner at the Parish Centre on Saturday 15th March 2014. The gracious and generous hospitality of this evening was overwhelming. The ambience, the lavish five course meal, cooked by the committee themselves, and the gifts of a pen and prayer card were worthy of any occasion at a 6 star venue.

The speeches were moving, humorous and appreciative. I wish I could remember the words of
“I am – you are – we are ...DOMINICANS!” And the camaraderie was genial and memorable.


This evening was a tribute to all our Sisters who have ministered here in Melbourne. We felt proud to be part of the story, and humbled by the gratitude and the appreciation.


“The present stands on the shoulders of the past, looking into the future”

Here’s to 90 years – and to the years that will carry us to the Centenary of Dominican presence and service at St Dominic’s!