Dialogue as a Way of Preaching

22 August 2014 | General Interest


Over 90 Dominican priests, religious brothers and sisters, and laity recently held a week-long meeting at Ciputra World Resort and Hotel in Surabaya, Indonesia, focused on the theme of Dialogue as a Way of Preaching. During the week participants took part in immersion experiences and exposures, presentations, group work and plenary discussions.

Dominicans came from many nations to the conference.

The prime movers of the meeting were the Dominican Promoters of Justice and Peace and Care of Creation (JPCC) of the Asia-Pacific region and Journées Romaines Dominicaines, an international group of Dominican men and women working in Muslim countries or communities, who have been meeting together every four years since 1956. It was the first time the two groups had attended the same conference to share their unique experiences of interreligious dialogue and of working for justice in many diverse situations.

Fr Bruno Cadoré, Master of the Order, presided at a conference Eucharist


In these days in which we are experiencing many terrible religious conflicts in our world, it was important for participants to learn from each other by sharing experiences of dialogue and working for justice from our varying backgrounds and circumstances.